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The crossing (Exit limited to 35 walkers)

This hike starts from the north shore of the bay (parking lot of the St-Léonard crossings) towards the Mont in return. It is aimed at regular walkers. On this course, the sublime alliance of Art and Nature is offered to you. Step by step, you discover each of the details of the Mont in a rejuvenating and rewarding progression of the site. The comments relate to nature and fauna, the history of the Mont and the rock of Tombelaine and the pilgrimages. They are accessible to children. Discovery of shifting sands, legends of the bay and stories of personal experiences in the bay.

  • Duration: 5h30 to 6h00 (or 3h00 one way. In this case, it is up to you to organise your return. There is no bus to take you back to the starting point of the crossing.
  • Possible languages: French, German, English, Spanish
  • Accessible to children from 7 years old if used to walking
  • Route: approximately 13 to 14 km or 7 km if returning by your own means
  • Departures from the crossing at the Parking des traversées, 50300 VAINS in Saint-Léonard. Departure map: See practical information
  • Crossing rivers twice (depth: 20 to 60 cm of water)
  • Accessible from 7 years old to children accustomed to walking
  • Dogs accepted if kept on a leash and behaved.
  • Price: over 12 years old: €23.00; 12 years old and under: 15.00€. Free for children under 3 years old (carried).
  • Tips welcome, thank you!

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