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My commitments

  • Quality:

On the "common guide" tour, the number of my groups being limited to about 35 walkers, you benefit from a friendly outing in a group of reasonable size. Search for uncrowded and wild routes conducive to encountering wildlife.

  • Professionalism:

I am a guide during the full season and do not exercise any other profession on the side. So I practice the Baie daily and know it perfectly! 

I am a certified guide:

On the “common guide” tour, bilingual commentaries (and not only episodically translated comments). For English, German and Spanish speakers, possibility of commentary in your mother tongue as part of a private guide tour.

  • Adventure:

I offer you experiences rich in emotions in complete safety thanks to the nature outing to meet the fauna but also to observe the formidable spectacle of the tidal bore from the heart of the bay.

  • Responsible tourism:

I always try to minimise the disturbance caused to wildlife when my groups travel

Raising awareness and awakening to the environment: I am convinced that it is by (re)placing Man at the heart of Nature that we will manage to make him aware of the interest he has in protecting it.

During the round trips I pick up the waste and provide customers who want to join me with a collection bag.

  • Availability, listening, adaptation and responsiveness:

For all private outings, I am available by phone (mobile and office) to better understand your wishes and direct you to the trip that suits you.

My wife and I take calls in your language (French, English, German, Spanish) to help you develop your project

We will respond to you within 24 hours

  • Good humour and friendliness:

Because making you discover the bay is my passion!

Because my independent status makes me free!

Because I am enriched by the sensitivities and perception of all those I accompany!