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You are Pilgrim(s)

Do you want to take time for God, build your Faith? Do you want to experience a special moment in church, all in one of the most beautiful places in Creation?

Come cross the bay, meet Them! Invite your parishioners to live a beautiful moment in one of the most beautiful places on Earth where the mere contemplation of Nature is a testimony in its own right to the presence of God!

NB: Depending on the tide times, it is sometimes possible to end the crossing with a celebration of mass with the Fraternities of Jerusalem.

To participate in a pilgrimage with a common guide tour, consult the dates

To come as a pilgrim to the Mont is to come and put one's feet in the footsteps of the thousands of Christians who have come to take a time for God. From the construction of the first sanctuary by Aubert on Mont-Tombe, pilgrims undertook a long journey and did not hesitate to brave the dangers of the bay to reach the Mont. This last step was a metaphor for the passage from life on Earth to heaven. The arrival at the Mont therefore represented a foretaste of paradise. The difficulties and fears they had to overcome were a kind of test aimed at strengthening their Faith.

To all those who wish to cross the bay as pilgrims towards Mont Saint-Michel, I offer you an adventure that is both recreational and spiritual, in the heart of Nature, to make you aware of the link that unites us to it and that you also may strengthen your faith! Tasting of halophylous plants, slides on the "tongue" and discovery of quicksand, will alternate with short breaks to praise, pray and meditate together. At the same time, I will offer you Christian spiritual animation to give a prayerful meaning to your journey as a pilgrim.

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