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Offer your teams a “team-building” experience! Break the ice, establish a relationship of trust, reset the counters to 0: Offer them the crossing, make them make the "passage" to performance!

I often observe that the crossing of the bay acts as a real group therapy within a team. The bay creates a new relationship since to cross it, the collective is stronger than the sum of the individualities: crossing rivers, walking on quicksand and being in direct contact with Nature naturally establishes mutual aid.

The exit can be made from Mont Saint Michel but also from the north shore of the bay (Genets or St-Léonard.)

If you wish to offer lunch in a restaurant between the arrival of the crossing and the start of a visit to the abbey or the village, I can recommend partner restaurant addresses.

The crossing of the bay is generally done in 3h00 but can be shortened to 2h15.