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Outing Pilgrimages for all

Outing Pilgrimages for all

This walk from the coast to the Mont allows you to pilgrimage to one of the most beautiful places of Creation towards the “Heavenly Jerusalem”. Comments on Nature and History are associated with prayer times. The outing aims for an arrival before 11:00 a.m. or noon to attend mass with the Fraternities of Jerusalem.

Total duration of 8h00 (Time of crossing in A / R + picnic time + mass)

Possible language: French

Route: approximately 13 km.

Crossing rivers (20 to 60 cm of water) twice

Accessible from 7 years old for children accustomed to walking and children under 2 years old (if carried and well equipped).

Price "private guide tour": on estimate

Price for "common guide tour" + 12 years: 18.00€; 12 years old and under: 13.00€. Free - 2 years (carried) Large families: -10% for families including 3 children under 12 years old

Tips welcome, thank you!


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